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CD Review

Cadaveric Poison

By Cadaveric Poison

28th April 2016

Record Label

Metal On Metal Records

Track Listing


2.The Few


4.Fight For Evil

5.Forfeit The Race

6.Never Put All Your Stones In One Basket

7.Face The Whore -------- great double solo

8.Bombs Away

9.Violence Breed Violence



Death / Thrash Metal


Paul Speckmann

Simon Seegel

Felix Darnieder

Will we ever get tired of Paul Speckmann? After giving us masterpieces through Master, Abomination and Death Strike, this incredible and unrelenting musician, who has over 30 records under his belt, simply went on to create yet another new project: “Cadaveric Poison”. The band is a trio formed with two other metal veterans Simon Seegel and Felix Darnieder of German Thrash group Witchburner.

The self-titled debut album presented to us is purely a sequence of great pieces of thrash and death metal at its best. You just cannot stop listening to this album.

The familiarly primitive voice of Speckmann so harsh and cut-through is immediately the focal point of the whole album. The political and unashamedly direct lyrics communicate all the rage of our sick times.

“Rollover” breaks in with the drums at full speed and a full-body wall of distorted guitars. The rolls, the blast beats only give space to a crushing atmospheric solo.

“Fight For Evil” it’s a natural single. Starting with a slowed-down intro the song really starts with the first visceral growl of the vocals. The rhythm of this track is so catchy that you would want to have a wall of death in your living room only so to release the energy that shoots out through the riffs of this song.

“Face the Whore” brings in the slow death, the solos here are beautiful and evocative. In a moment we are thrown again in full-force thrash, with metallic cutting riffs, unforgiving blast beats, and of course the grinding and prominent screams of Speckmann.

“Bombs Away” was the lyrics single first launched on April 28th, 2016. Under the down tempo we see images of wars from the past, as the words warn us of the present dangers of re-falling in old mistakes of the world worst conflicts.

You won’t be able to stop listening to this Cadaveric Poison, it will be on loop for weeks. It is that good. Pure old school Thrash Death Metal. Simple but with rhythms that envelope you completely. To every play you will love a different song. Certainly one of the top album of the year.



Memorability: 8



By Miky Ruta

CD Review


By Silver Bullet

16th of September 2016

Record Label



01. Slaughterhouse

02. Tormentor ---

03. The Rite

04. Buried Alive ----

05. More Than Meets the Eye

06. The Resurrected

07. Under the Spell

08. Life Undone

09. Soul Apart ----------

10. Within the Dark

11. Burns Inside (Bonustrack)


Symphonic Heavy Metal


Nils Nordling - Vocals

Hannes Horma - Guitar, Vocals and Keyboards

Henri Asikainen - Guitar

Markus Ylänne - Bass

Markus Ojanperä - Drums

Born from the ashes of Dirge Eternal, Silver Bullet began their story in 2008, composing a few demos. The addition of Hannes Horma(ex-Turisas) to the band line up was what Silver Bullet needed to begin truly defining their own style into more riff-oriented and orchestral melodies. The latest addition of Nils Nordling(ex-Dreamtale) on vocals, further established the style of the band. The band writes symphonic metal with a touch of horror movies background.

Screamworks was recorded at Sound Supreme Studios with Janne Saksa and mastered at Chartmakers. The album was released via 7hard.

The album is a perfect representation of symphonic metal. It is fun and light to listen to. The songs flow seamlessly, with an incredible punchy production. It really has nothing to envy to the production of albums of the biggest bands out there, it is perfectly recorded and mixed with a great balance between instruments and vocals.

The orchestral parts and lyrical choruses are fitting in every single moment of the songs, without being overdone, they create echoing drama and atmosphere.

“Tormentor” begins with a slow down tempo riffing. It’s like a repeating doomy litany. But it all changes once we get to the middle of the song. Here the music launches itself in fast speed metal, with a hammering chorus to complete these powerful variations of sound.

“The Resurrected” slowly introduce itself with a few piano notes, to then enter into a realm of beautiful riffs, pressing and commanding power-chords which remind us of an unstoppable horse launched in a irresistible gallop.

“Soul Apart” changes the game and starts with death metal growls, the keyboards here are master and take the prime spot. The solo riffs then start and it is one of the best guitar part of the whole album.

The album is quite interesting, even if it doesn’t bring us anything new in the genre. The harmonious guitars riffing, the keyboards melodies and the whole drama feeling are definitely what make this album a great listen. Only weakness perhaps, is the vocals that at times seems to not be so interlaced with the rest of the composition. But the sound is solid and captivating, definitely a great listen.



Memorability: 7


Total 8/10

By Miky Ruta

CD Review

The Curling Flame of Blasphemy

By Profanatica

July 22nd, 2016 Hells Headbangers

Record Label:

Hells Headbangers

1. Ordained in Bile

2. March to Golgotha

3. Magic & Muhr

4. Black Hymna

5. Host Over Cup

6. Rotten Scriptures

7. Yahweh Rejected

8. Bleed Heavenly Kingdom

9. Vile Blessing

10. Curling Flame


Ryan Adams (Guitars)

Paul Ledney (Drums, Vocals)

Alex Cox (Bass)


Black Metal

“The Curling Flame of Blasphemy” is Profanatica fourth full-length album.

Profanatica formed in 1990 but only had a short first life-span and split up in ’92. Paul Ledney resurrected the project in 2001, and the band has been productive ever since, taking advantage of the reprise interest in Black Metal.

Extreme sounds, rhythmic tempos, shrieking vocal, heavily distorted guitars, a raw production, and very atmospheric mood that is exactly what “The Curling Flame of Blasphemy” brings to life.

The album first two songs  “Ordained in Bile” and “March to Golgotha” flow into one another lacking a bit of personality, but setting a hammering hypnotising rhythm which is the backbone of the entire album. Almost like a marching parade of blackness. “Magic & Muhr” changes the game and starts with a tribal toms roll, soon to slow down and offer despairing feelings, interlaced with fascinating changes of speeds and rhythms. Bass and Guitars are given equal importance here as in many of the other songs, the bass is not simply a tool to sustain the guitar, it has its own prominent devastating place in creating the thick atmosphere of Profanatica.


“The Curling Flame of Blasphemy” gets really to its rotten core once we are introduced to “Rotten Scripture”. This ruthless track is crude and raw, at the same time it gives true brutal black metal riffing and viciously uncomfortable vocals growls which suddenly stops to become solemn and seems to be starting celebrating a ritual. In “Bleed Heavenly Kingdom” the bass cadence with single root notes drives through the spine of the song setting speed and moods.  The rough guitar sound here becomes almost melodic in comparison, marrying the two instruments into a perfect cooperation of completing and competing with one another.

The final track “Curling Flame” is the song that names this wonderfully creepy album and fairly so. The track is a great journey into darkness, the doom is palpable with a prominent bass sound and long guitar howls, with no doubt best tune of this work.

“The Curling Flame of Blasphemy” is not love at first sight, but it slowly grows on the listener who will find intricate obscure patterns and secrets all throughout the journey with Profanatica’s maddening concepts of sound.





Total 7/10

By Miky Ruta

CD Review

Sanguinary Revelations


August 26th, 2016 Hells Headbangers Records

Digital Download

Record label

Hells Headbangers & F.D.A. Rekotz



2.Murderous Thirst                     

3.Relentless Revenge                 

4.Psycopathic Awakenings       

5.5 Black Angel Assassin           

6.Devil Haunted Dreams           

7.Realm Of The Resurrected     

8.Alchemy Death Queen           

9.The Bleeder                             

10.Planet Of The Vampires         

Band Members:

Stevo do Caixao - Vocal

Ash Thomas – Drums & Guitar

Zdenka Prado - Bass

Vanessa Nocera - Vocal

Billy Nocera – Guitar & Vocal

William Sievers - Vocal


Horror Death Metal

Born in 2015 Surgikill is a new project lead by Stevo do Caixão (Impetigo).  The band style itself on the old horror and gore movies atmosphere, it creates an evil feel with it’s intricate vocal layers, and interesting rhythmic patterns. It is possible to see the influences from Death, Grind and even Thrash Metal. There are moments of Autopsy, Incantation, Grave and Terrorizer. Nonetheless, Surgikill manage to build their own identity in sound even if lacking a bit of innovation.

The most prominent element of “Sanguinary Revelation” is with no doubt the way the voices are layered and combined with one another. Savage, unhinged and raw, they captivate the listener attention. Interesting to see that most band members are participating at a time or another to provide the vocals, which creates a very different kind of experience to the ears.

We see different styles throughout the album, from moment of classic fast thrash guitars, to others where we are suddenly cut down to half speed and enter the doom realm, to then go through breakdowns and solos. This album truly does not lack variety.

“Sanguinary Revelation” starts a little chaotic sound-wise, and it takes a little to get involved with the first five songs, but by the time we get to “Realm of the Resurrected”, perhaps the most catchy track of the album, we can see a great balanced mixture of Thrash and Death metal. “The Bleeder” is a full on fast track that stands out for its simple construction of speed and breaks, with great combination of high and low pitch voices, or better, shattering growls.

The band also gifts us the little gem that is “Planet of the Vampires”, the album final tune, which is actually a song written by Stevo back in 1991 when he still was the vocalist for Impetigo.

The production of the album has put the vocal right upfront, where perhaps is a bit too noticeable at times, and leaves the guitars slightly too behind in the mix, but fortunately this happens only on a few songs.

“Sanguinary Revelation” is pure classic Horror Death Metal, it brings the raw power of gore and fear and we can only enjoy it’s frankness.



Memorability: 6



By Miky Ruta

CD Review

The Gasoline Solution

By Darkness (Germany)

October 7th, 2016 – High Roller Records

High Roller Records


1.Tinkerbell Must Die

2.Another Reich

3.Freedom On Parole

4.Welcome To Pain


6.Pay A Man

7.The Gasoline Solution

8.Dressed In Red

9.This Bullet’s For You


LEE - Vocals /

ARND – Guitar and Vocals /

MEIK – Lead Guitar /

DIRK – Bass and Vocals /

LACKY - Drums and Vocals


Thrash Metal

German thrashers Darkness are back on the battle ground with their brand new album “The Gasoline Solution”, released on October 7th , 2016 via High Roller Records.

The underground band took a very long break since coming out back in the 80s with their two records “Death Squad” (1987) and “Defenders of Justice” (1988). Their sound still strongly represents that first wave of Thrash Metal that we all love and cherish: fast, loud, harsh.

After a short soft intro on “Tinkerbell Must Die” we are thrown full speed and full force into the unstoppable 9 tracks album which leaves the listener completely breathless, there is no break, it is a 37 minutes of pure headbanging. 

The best constructed song of this album is definitely “Another Reich”: extremely actual in its lyrics, it has almost a prophetic feeling to it. The tune starts with a drum beat to set a much darker mood than the other tracks, and just when you are lead to believe that you are falling into this doomy atmosphere, the sound completely changes to go full speed thrash metal. The breaking bridge really makes this song stand out and earns the metal badge of honour.

With “Pay A Man” the band questions again the listener directly and it takes a strong political position on people stand-by attitude.  It is the most catchy track of the album, it’s got a great progression within the songwriting, epic but quick guitar solo, and captivating chorus.

The whole recording is full of rich hammering rhythms and bass grooves, punchy guitar riffs and fast solos. The aggressive vocals are pretty upfront and take first place in the whole album to put a note on the importance of the lyrics which are critical and meaningful.  On this point, sometimes the mix of the album is a little too much in favour of the voice leaving the instruments a bit behind, but overall it is a good production and the record does have a good sound.

“The Gasoline Solution” is a very enjoyable album, and while it doesn’t bring us much innovation in itself, it certainly is a pure old school headbanging in your face piece of thrash brutality that takes you back to the excitement of the 80s.






CD Review

13 Voices

By SUM 41

October 7, 2016 through Hopeless Records






Record label

Hopeless Records


1. A Murder of Crows (You’re All Dead to Me)

2. Goddamn I’m Dead Again

3. Fake My Own Death

4. Breaking the Chain

5. There Will Be Blood

6. 13 Voices

7. War

8. God Save Us All (Death to POP)

9. The Fall and the Rise

10. Twisted by Design


Deryck Whibley: Singer/songwriter/guitarist

Cone McCaslin: Bassist

Tom Thacker: Guitarist

Dave Baksh: Guitarist

Frank Zummo - Drummer


Punk - Rock

Canadian rockers SUM 41 released their sixth studio album “13 Voices” on October 7th, 2016 via Hopeless Records. It is their first album with a line-up as a five-piece band, and it features the return of guitarist Dave Baksh (who had been out of the group for nine years). It also sees the addition of guitarist Tom Thacker on lead guitar and new drummer Frank Zummo who officially replaces original founding member Steve Jocz.

Back in 2014, Deryck Whibley published a personal note on his site explaining that he had a liver and kidney failure due to extensive drinking. He posted that he had been in treatment for a month, and that he’d be taking a break to focus and care for his own health. The difficult times that the singer went through are quite evident in this new recording, which sounds more mature and also more intimate.

The album starts with “A Murder Of Crows”, a slow orchestral introduction, and the breakdown riffs which sets a moody feeling. However, it doesn’t take long for the fast punk-rock guitars and drums rolls to take their full speed in “Goddamn I’m Dead Again”, which has all that power and fun of the late 90s. It even has a little “Stairway to Heaven” feels through the solo. 

“Fake my own death” has a very catchy rhythm and chorus, and with this song we are thrown back to the early 2000 sounds, it reminds quite a bit of Puddle of Mud in the chorus structure, but has it’s point of originality too in the breaks and reprises.

“13 Voices” title song, and in my opinion is the best track of this album, presents very intimate and mature lyrics. The structure of the sound is solid, with lows and highs flowing seamlessly.

The album continues through classic moments of new metal and punk-rock, it has mixture of fast and slow moments, even if perhaps it lacks of a bit of originality. It seems a mash up of all the bands that were great between ’95-’05, it has bits of Linkin Park, The Offsprings, and so on. The main difference from their early work is the darkness that sips through the music and lyrics, they have come very far from the lightheartedness Fat Lip era, and perhaps with this record we miss a little of that fire and fun moments. Nevertheless it is quite enjoyable to listen to.








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